Come Play at Downsview

Throughout development, we are welcoming the public to Downsview for moments of play, creativity, and learning. From special events to permanent installations, we invite you to rediscover the potential of this extraordinary site.

Home Grown: A Talk & Taste with Beer Diversity’s Ren Navarro

We invite you to raise a glass with us and taste a delicious Downsview pilsner, specially commissioned by Northcrest and Red Tape Brewery. Enjoy a sample of this locally inspired beer and an exclusive beer talk by Ren Navarro of Beer. Diversity. about the creation of the beer and her quest to increase diversity in the Canadian beer industry.

This event was held on September 8th. Click the button below to view the gallery of past events!

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XOXO Downsview

Sponsored by Northcrest and Canada Lands, XOXO Downsview is a celebration of public art, culture, and local heritage launched in coordination with Toronto's Year of Public Art. It involves dynamic installations, murals, multimedia works, and an audio walking tour on the Downsview Lands and in Downsview Park. The projects highlight local artists, aim to bring people together, and highlight the history and potential of Downsview as a destination and generator of cultural works.

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